Monday, June 6, 2011

Highly recommended new tweak

Running Angry Birds Rio
This evening I found a great new tweak for Jailbroken iPhones: Running Indicator from Ryan Petrich.  It's a very simple but very effective add-on that highlights the icons of apps that are currently running and, even better, lets you close them easily.

Look at Angry Birds Rio in the picture to the right.  The glow behind it tells you it's running and the black X in the upper left kills it on the spot.  In case you're wondering the blue dot on the lower-left comes from Backgrounder and it also tells you the app is running. I'll likely disable one or the other eventually.

Installation is a tiny bit more involved than your usual app but it's still very simple and you only have to do it once to get any of rpetrich's small apps.

Ryan has a number of other handy apps, including Activator, which no Jaibroken phone should be without.  IPad owners should all have Retina Pad, which will use the iPhone 4's higher resolution graphics for apps that don't support the higher res screen of the iPad or which charge you extra for the privilege. 

By the way, this is part of Tweakweek where different developers will have their apps highlighted.  It's a simple way to find new ways to make your IOS device friendlier, easier to use and, of course, more fun.

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